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常熟Russian Scotch Pine preservative wood

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Detailed introduction

As we all know, Russia is the largest country in the world and one of the countries with the highest forest cover. Most of its territory is covered by lush forests. Since Russia is a country with high latitudes and basically belongs to temperate or boreal climate, broad-leaved forests and coniferous forests grow in the forests of Siberia, Russia. However, the number of broad-leaved forests is far less than that of coniferous forests. Siberian long and cold in winter, ideal for coniferous forest growth, there are hundreds of species of conifer, of which pine is the most common. Pinus sylvestris is one of the world-famous commercial timber in Russia. On the vast land of Siberia, Pinus sylvestris grows in many places.

Pinus sylvestris is one of the most timber exported to Russia for wood output, not only because of the huge production of Pinus sylvestris, but also because Pinus sylvestris is a good outdoor wood, with great market and use space anywhere . Pinus sylvestris after a professional anti-corrosion treatment, has been Scotch Pine preservative wood. Pinus sylvestris wood look, the wood itself revealed a number of green, it is because of preservatives caused by injection. And the United States southern pine, Finland wood in the outdoors Russian Scotch pine anticorrosion materials a wide range of applications. Common application areas include: wooden pathways, pavilions, pavilions, watercourse cloisters, flower fences, trail docks, children's play areas, flower beds, trash cans, outdoor furniture and outdoor environments, hydrophilic environments and indoor and outdoor structures Other projects can be used.

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