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Some problems when installing wood preservative wood have to be valued

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Installation of wood preservative garden will be very beautiful, people living is very comfortable, but when installed, there are many problems that companies need to pay attention, once overlooked, may lead directly to the service life of wood preservative Lower, which is what most people do not want to see, then how companies do this part of the corresponding work? How to ensure that the results after doing it? Wood preservative manufacturers

1, pay attention to the placement of wood during the installation

Because once the timber is placed improperly, it may lead to the deformation of the wood. After installation, there will be a lot of problems. After using it for a long time, more serious cracking, deformation and so on may occur. This is all people need to pay attention to To the question. Therefore, the wood is placed, it is best placed in a cool and ventilated place, do not appear the case of rain and exposure, but also to prevent the deformation caused by heavy pressure.

2, note the actual situation of wood preservative

In the installation of wood preservative, of course, in accordance with the actual situation of the wood preservative to do the appropriate work, for example, when installed, you need to see if some of the kerf corrosion treatment, whether there are some problems. In the installation of this part of the situation has been noticed, to prevent because of preservative wood in the processing of some problems, which led to the latter part of the impact is very large.

3, pay attention to stay in the installation gap

Because the timber will change according to the season, the volume will change. If the timber is too tight, it may be deformed in some places when the timber is expanded, and the timber is very fragile. In the installation of wood preservative, we should also pay attention to this point, where should be left, leaving some room, even if there is a change in the seasons, it will not affect the wood preservative itself.

4, local to facilitate disassembly

Because long-term use of wood preservative, will certainly carry out cleaning, and enterprises in the cleaning time, may also be part of the problem, for example, because the entire antiseptic wood flower racks, so it is very convenient to clean. In fact, to solve this part of the problem is more simple, to make local wood preservative is easy to disassemble, you want a clear time, directly to the removal of wood preservatives to clean on the line, this can also be better to ensure the life of wood preservative .

Choose high-quality anti-corrosion wood to install wood flower racks, at the same time in the installation process to some basic problems are valued, the results of the post-work is certainly be able to be guaranteed.

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