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Preserved wooden houses

  • Preserved wooden houses

Wood structure is the main traditional building form in our country, which has a very long history in our country. Most of our country's traditional wood-based buildings are brick-wood-based, while pure-wood structures are relatively small. However, with the passage of time, China's traditional wood structure is gradually replaced by a large amount of reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete structures occupy a leading position in the construction. From ordinary residential buildings to commercial buildings to landscape buildings, the structure of steel and concrete structures is still the mainstream Architectural form.

However, we can feel that the pollution caused by the construction of modern steel-concrete structures is very serious. Many construction rubbish and carbon emissions are high, putting a lot of pressure on the environment. However, with the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, the concept of change is changing. As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, ecological houses and green buildings are increasingly noticed. Due to the ecological superiority of wooden houses, they are increasingly sought after by people Huts have an upward trend. Wood preservative is one of the most popular wooden structures in modern times.

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