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Shanghai force by Wood Co., Ltd.

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Add:Songjiang District, Shanghai Municipality all Silver Road Shenbei all the way No. 102

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Shanghai force by Wood Co., Ltd. is specialized in the import and production of wood preservative, carbonized wood, sauna board of the large enterprises in the country has three large factories, Shanghai Plant is located in Songjiang District, the plant covers an area of 30 acres and has 100 Other employees, Heilongjiang branch is located in Suifenhe, the plant covers an area of 60 acres and has more than 300 employees, Qingdao branch is located in Huangdao District, plant area of 40 acres, with more than 150 employees.

Relying on Russia and the United States log farm advantage, direct shipments to domestic ports, for deep processing, the annual constant of 200,000 cubic meters, is currently the largest manufacturer of wood preservative, the real industry and trade one of the innovative business model. Company to calm, pragmatic philosophy of operation, access to customer trust. Customer is the most reliable counseling, the most trusted friend, the ultimate goal of the company is customer satisfaction. Satisfied with the overall planning, satisfactory construction level, satisfied with the product quality, satisfactory after-sales service, is the best gift to return customers.

Shanghai force by Wood Co., Ltd.